2020 has been a crazy ride but one of the quietest scandals was when the rest of the world figured out that Ellen Degeneres was just not a nice person. Anyone who worked in TV for any length of time had heard all the rumors. Her show was a tough place to work mostly because she’s a terrible person to work for. While publicly, she put on a face being the quirky, dancing friend and supported “being kind” this did not extend into her actual life. Assistants, producers, and others cycled through her show because they couldn’t take the abuse. This summer, it all came to a head with Warner Media launched an investigation into complaints at her show. Executive Producers resigned and she made a teary apology when her show restarted in the fall. Terrible TV hosts is nothing new. It’s actually quite common. It takes a lot to get your own show on television and there are a variety of stresses and pressures involved. TV is transitive, if something isn’t working then it gets dumped. The whole Ellen scandal made people re-think all sorts of TV personalities, especially some of the new ones. We were not surprised at some like Wendy Williams (whom we’ve covered extensively) but we were surprised to find out that the lovable James Corden is even worse.