Rachel Maddow presents Bag Man Podcast. Bag of money passing through an American flag with the MSNBC logo.

Rachel Maddow Presents Bag Man

Most of the people reading this page won’t remember Spiro Agnew. Spiro Agnew was Vice President for President Nixon from 1968 to 1972. He was shoved out right before the Watergate scandal really started to heat up. Rachel Maddow goes over the very interesting and little-known story of exactly why he was ousted from the job. 

This is a brand-new but very popular podcast from Shea Serrano, a former teacher, who asks the simple question, what if terrible movie villains could be rehabilitated? Is there any hope for them or are they completely lost to psychosis? He’s exploring 8 of the most interesting and frightening movie villains. 

The Daily from the New York Times

Get today’s headlines fast with this quick 20 minute podcast from the New York Times about the latest headlines. More than a news broadcast, it brings you the pages of the NYT to life. This is great for commuting or walking in between classes. 

We trust doctors, right? We want to know that when we get an operation, it’s not intentionally going to harm us. Christopher Duntsch was a super-star doctor. He was confident, he seemed like the doctor you wanted to fix your aching back pain. However, not everything was as it seemed. Laura Ball tells us more in this fascinating case. 

When we think of sex slavery, we usually conjure up images to far-away places and seedy warehouses or hotels. The reality is that the sex trade isn’t so exotic or even far away. Noor Tagouri takes us into the underbelly and underground world of the sex trade right here in our own backyards.