He’s Aquaman and most well known for playing Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and showing Dany who’s the boss. Although his character didn’t last very long (they never do on GoT) the world has been blessed by the arrival of this polynesian adonis. Here are the 5 times he has given us life!

That Look

jason momoa eyebrow raise GIF

He brings a whole new idea to the phrase, “come hither gleam.” You’re never sure if he’s going to be nice or naught but most of his fans don’t even mind.

Eye Shadow Anyone?

jason momoa love GIF

Yes, that’s eyeshadow you see and I dare you to walk up to him and make fun of him for wearing makeup. Go ahead, we’ll wait to collect your body afterwards.

That Tongue

jason momoa GIF

He can lick us from our heads to our toes and everywhere in between. Don’t stare at this gif too long….it might shorten your life expectancy!

That Hair

jason momoa GIF

Luscious locks of flowing hair…what more can we say? His hair is iconic and gorgeous. We all need a peek in his shower to see what he uses. If he uses one of those catch-all soaps that are all in one, we might all have to switch.

That Personality

jason momoa GIF

The best thing about Jason Momoa is that he is a genuinely nice guy. He spent part of last summer protesting the new telescope in Hawaii and even was arrested for it. He has a lovely family and is just genuinely a nice human being. Good looking? Ripped? And a decent person? It isn’t a wonder he’s married.