As we head into the holiday season, it can be tough to manage depression and it can be hard to stay positive and feeling good when the sun goes down early (worse for folks up north) and there is limited day light. If snow is getting you down and grey days are just ruining your vibe, then keep reading. Rouges Magazine is here to help uplift your mood! 

Get a Sun Lamp

For $50 and up, you can get a lamp that simulates the sun. Many people find that this artificial injection of vitamin D lifts the mood, decreases tension, and helps people feel better. If you’re suffering from SAD, then a sun lamp might be the best option for you. Turn it on in the morning in a space you’re in for at least 10-15 minutes like your bathroom or kitchen. They are available online at retailers like Amazon. You can also get LED light bulbs that create natural light that will activate your body to create vitamin D. 

Vitamin D 

If lightbulbs and lamps aren’t your speed, then a vitamin D supplement can be a great way to naturally lift your mood. They are available in all pharmacies and drug stores. If you’re unsure about your dose, you can start with a low amount and move up or just consult your doctor. 

Get Out of Town

This probably qualifies as the most expensive option on this list because it requires airfare and hotel. But sometimes the best way to beat the winter blues is to fly somewhere winter isn’t happening, at least the snow and miserable part of winter. Any sunny destination will do, just check the local weather before booking your flight. Also, you need not cross international borders. America sports sunny localities like Austin, San Diego, Orlando, and Miami that will offer plenty of sun to break up your winter blues. 

Hit the Gym

Winter is a tough time to work out, but hitting the gym will help release all those fun endorphins in your brain. Cardio, weight training, yoga, pilates or any activity will get your blood moving, raise body temperature, and get your brain feeling better in no time. One the bright side, you’ll fight the winter bulge and look great for Spring and Summer. 

Cuddle Up

If all else fails, make sure your home is very comfortable, cuddle up with someone you love (or are learning to love) and just enjoy the season at home when you can. Buy a new rug, change the paint, or just enjoy your space. Look out at the snow and rain, put on a good Netflix series to binge-watch and enjoy the lazy, chilly days of Winter before slogging through the slush again on Monday.