Last week, Jim Acosta had his White House credentials pulled due to an interaction with the President that included a very awkward moment with a White House intern trying to take his microphone away. 

The situation got even more controversial when the White House spread a doctored video of Jim Acosta trying to to attack the intern. Although the election and the President’s European visit overshadowed the story, this was not a great day for democracy. Democracy is deeply dependent on a free and critical press. Jim wanted to talk about the things the President said during the campaign and in his usual he did not want to be questioned. That is not good for democracy despite competing news outlets deciding that it was time the White House “stood up” to the free media.

Many people, especially republicans, are unhappy with the media coverage that the President gets and have been unhappy with the liberal bias of the news media for many years. However, when reporters are being openly attacked from the podium and then restricted from appearing there again because the person being questioned doesn’t like them, doesn’t that say something about the current occupant of the office? Isn’t that denigration of democracy bad for everyone? Imagine if previous Presidents acted this way? Why would anyone tolerate this behavior? There is little that can be done but overall, this was not a good day for democracy.