This past summer, we lost a doyenne of social respectability and a real member of American royalty: Gloria Vanderbilt. Besides having one of the most famous anchormen in television as a son, Anderson Cooper (son of her second marriage), she was a fashion designer and artist. Gloria Vanderbilt invented branded clothing by not just making jeans but my putting her name on the outside of the garment. Fashion would never be the same.

Gloria was born into controversy. When she was born there was a nasty custody battle and she ended up growing up with her Aunt in the glitzy, glamorous world of being a Vanderbilt. Like many heiresses, she inherited a good chunk of money and married young. She was a free spirit in every way and no matter what happened, she did what she wanted and lived unapologetically.

We’ve selected two videos for our tribute to her. The first one is a tour of her upper east side home and the second one is the CNN tribute by Anderson Cooper. She was only the last true heiresses in the old money sense.