Sunday, October 25, 2020

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Literature and Original Photography

It’s Cool for the Summer

We're cool for the summer with this end of summer photo set from Nick Luna.

Bell Hammers: A Novel Excerpt from Lancelot Schaubert

Bell Hammer is a new novel from Lancelot Schaubert

Unchecked Capitalism is Killing Us! A New book From Earl Rynerson

Unchecked Capitalism is Killing Us! How unfettered corporate greed and corruption are making us poorer, fatter, sicker, less tolerant of others, and more dangerously exposed to the coronavirus.


Pokey Joe at the Crossroads is new flash fiction from Duke Sandefur. Duke is a TV writer and author. In this story, we meet a man on the side of the road that makes a pleasurable decision.

Black Wall Street: The Story of the Fallen Empire

Kristy Archer has just published her book about Black Wall Street. We have an excerpt from the book for you as well as information about Kristy. Black Wall Street: the story of the fallen empire is available on Amazon.

Politics and the World Around Us

Election 2020: Mary Trump Speaks

President Trump's niece, Mary Trump has written a new book with bombshell revelations about the Trump family.

Election 2020: The RNC and Kenosha

We're breaking down the battle of Kenosha and how it matters to the Presidential Election.

Election 2020: Be Progressive Where It’s Popular

Democrats need to learn to centralize and simplify their message around things that win elections instead of fighting about things that don't get votes.

Election 2020: Why Evangelical Voters Haven’t Left Trump

Evangelical voters are still voting Trump in 2020, they don't seem like natural allies so in this video we get a peek into why evangelical voters are eagerly voting for Trump in 2020

The USPS and You

The Trump administration is attempting to attack mail-in voting by undermining the post office. That's not great.