Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Rouges Magazine helps you find something interesting. We created Rouges Magazine so that we could curate the best of the internet in one location. Rather than scrolling forever on popular social networking sites, we bring together journalism, video, and storytelling to one location. Across all our desks we bring to the best of the internet to you and help you Find Something Interesting.

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Literature and Original Photography

Jewelry Couture with Andrea Li

Denver Jewelry Designer, Andrea Li is brightening your holidays with her new Holiday Sparkle collection!

Novel Excerpt: Benita Renee Jenkins: Diva Secret Agent By Lorisa Bates

Join secret agent and consummate Diva Benita Renee Jenkins on her adventures in an excerpt from Benita Renee Jenkins: Diva Secret Agent.

The Nikon D70 in 2020

Nick Luna from Pinkhat Photography is back with a review of the Nikon D70.

I Went Down to the River…

Two girls went down to the river and our studio partner Nick Luna uses his lens to tell us the story.

Finding Fall

Studio partners Pinkhat Photography brings is another great photoshoot to celebrate fall and the changing of the seasons. We're finding fall this year as we social distance outside.

Politics and the World Around Us

The Neighborhoods with No Grocery Stores

Food deserts are a big problem. 19 million Americans live in food deserts where there is not a grocery store within a reasonable distance. The reason is simple but very sad and it has nothing to do with racism.

How Much Public Debt is Too Much?

How much public debt is too much and what happens when no one will finance the nations of the world anymore?

George Washington’s Last Days

Most people don't know how George Washington spent his final years but in a new book and in this video, we learn about his final days as a celebrity in the brand-new United States of America.

It’s Been a Crazy Week…But With A Sweet Ending

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the presumptive victors in the 2020 Presidential election. Here's what we went through this election and what we face in the future.

Election 2020: The Day After the Night Before

Our latest on the Presidential election for November 4th and where things stand at this time. It's a hollow possible victory for democrats and republicans are struggling to hang on.