Rouges Magazine is a place to find something interesting and to help people escape the endless scrolling of social media. We offer curated content on a variety topics and subjects. Our readers are interested in content from around the internet that is evocative and reflective.

5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise with Rouges

  1. Great Daily Content
  2. A combination of images and video
  3. Long-form content 
  4. 3 page views per visit (our readers click around!)
  5. Average time on site at almost a minute (our readers stick around!)

There are few publications that can offer our readers what we offer and that means special chances for advertisers to take advantage of what we do and our we are changing what digital content looks like. The future is curated. We don’t just post the news, we offer what is truly interesting. Our content is not whatever is popular on Twitter or YouTube. We offer something truly different and truly interesting. 

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