Earlier this year, we did a big expose on America’s crumbling infrastructure and among the things we talked about was the state of America’s schools. Schools vary in quality when it comes to buildings and resources because education is locally funded. Your zip code will determine how well your children will do in school and it will determine of those buildings are well maintained and newer or older and falling apart.

However, besides the state of the actual buildings, the actual education system is also in trouble. Schools are more segregated than ever before and Betsy Devos, Trump’s education secretary is pushing a privatization plan of public schools. This would cause billions of taxpayer dollars to pour into the pockets of private education investors. To learn more about America’s education system, we’ve found these great videos from John Oliver.

A Special Note

Our Editor, Cameron Cowan would like to note that if you want to learn more about America’s school system you’re invited to buy his new book: What The Hell Is Going On? Understanding our world in the age of Trump which you can purchase on his website.