Vitamins have been in focus for decades. It seems like there is always a new report on what vitamins people should or should not be taking. Here in 2019, vitamins are back in focus, especially with fitness and working out becoming so popular. It seems like everyone is taking something.

Photo by stevepb on Pixabay

Nootropics and the Extra Edge

There are a variety of supplements on the market. For some in the tech crowd, they follow vitamin regimens using certain supplement identified to be “nootropics.” These vitamins are supposed to give their users and edge by promoting certain functions of the brain and other parts of the body. By taking vitamins and other supplements, they hope to gain an edge, overcome depression, be more productive, or be smarter. It’s all about that edge.

In the athletic world, anyone who works out for any length of time is going to see vitamin packs at their gym and usually some really fit person popping one as a pre or post workout. It seems like vitamins are everywhere. Everyone is taking something to attempt to fill their body with more stuff that their body can use to have better health and better life. Again, its all about that edge.

But Are They a Waste of Money?

However, there is scientific proof that vitamins and supplements may be a giant waste of money. Spending money on vitamins could just be creating really expensive urine (as one researcher put it). Many studies have shown that unless you are completely lacking a certain vitamin, most people get plenty of nutrients from food and there is no reason to take vitamins in pill form. But if it wasn’t working, why would so many people do it?

In this video from Vice, they study the effects of vitamins and whether they are worth it.