Dear Constance,

I’m married to my husband who works in a growing industry. He is looking at going for a promotion but it would mean a cross country move for him to take on this new position. The money would be tremendous. I also work and this move would not necessarily be a great move for my career. I’m also worried about how it might affect our small children (5 and 7). We would be near no friends, no family, and no connections. We would be starting over. I’m excited for him, on a personal level, to have this chance and I’d like him to pursue it but at the same time, I don’t want to start my whole life over and not have anyone around. I have a big talk with my husband coming up and I don’t want to discourage him but I have major concerns. What should I do?

Not feeling the move

Dear Not Feeling,

Making a big move like this with a family is a very different decision than making these moves before a spouse or children. If you have concerns about how it might affect your career, family, and children, then address those things with him directly. If you genuinely don’t think it is a good idea, then say so and make the decision together. On the other hand, there are resources to help you develop an exciting new life in your new location that might be worth exploring before you throw the whole idea out altogether.

My Boss is Driving My Whole Office Crazy!

Dear Constance,

I need help dealing with my boss! I’m pretty sure she is just crazy! She accuses us of creating unnecessary office drama (we are in an office at a large company in my city) and is constantly picking on myself and others on all sorts of small things. She has clear favorites and some of us are always at fault and seem to just deal with an unnecessary amount of scrutiny. She has even screamed and the best part is that she brings her own personal problems to work and reprimanded someone else for breaking down during some of their own personal drama. It’s stressing me out and I know of at least 4 others in our group that is looking for another job. They just can’t take this negative, nit-picky work environment anymore. I love what I do and this is a great place to be at for my career but I can’t survive another day! What do I do!?

Crazy Boss Working Last Nerve

Dear Last Nerve,

Dealing with a narcissistic boss is extremely difficult for all parties involved. The reality is that you are trying to navigate a relationship with a narcissist or someone with a borderline personality disorder. I don’t mean to diagnose them from afar, but all the signs are there. Ultimately, all you can do is keep looking for another job. You can also seek out online support with others who are going through the same thing. Trying to thrive professionally in an unprofessional work environment is nearly impossible. Polish off that resume, it’s time to seek out a new job.