Automation has often become the big economic boogie man for America’s economic problems. While it has become a story du jour for most economic stories, the reality is that automation is nothing new. The march of automation has been going on for decades. If you look at videos of workers making cars, airplanes, or almost anything else, you’ll see people using very complicated machines to their tasks. Those machines represent jobs lost. Where industrialization used to take thousands of people to operate a factory, now more people are able to make the same items with less human contact and less people involved.

Automation is something that is beginning to touch the lives of more and more people, especially white collar workers. It can be argued that the computer in offices was a form of automation. Bookkeepers, typists, and other jobs were automated away without most people noticing. Automation is apart of our lives and apart of the economy. How we choose to adjust to that remains to be scene. In this video, John Oliver discusses the march of automation and how it has changed and will continue to change our lives both in and out of the workplaces.