I woke up this morning a little late but to a flurry to text messages about Bernie’s announcement that he is indeed running for President. He announced on CBS This Morning and delivered the announcement in time to get it on The View over on ABC.

At the outset, I like Bernie Sanders. I caucused for Bernie in 2016. He won my state of Washington by a landslide. The video below is like a progressive wish list of things from universal healthcare to criminal justice reform. He’s entering an already messy Democrat field. However, I have reservations. Bernie Sanders does have national name recognition and he has popular policies. He is the most popular politician in America. However, he is 77 years old and I am very concerned that while Democrats may run, not walk, to vote for him; there is no indication that he has broad enough appeal to win in the general. It would be great for this nation if he were to win. His policies would radically transform this country. However, will people in the midwest vote for this? Can he get the electoral votes? It’s early and only time will tell.

Watch his announcement here: