Have you ever needed your own Guru? JP Sears is one of the most funny people we’ve ever seen here at Rouges. He takes on the world of Social Justice Warriors, Yoga, and all the weird self-help routines and jargon that have dominated the 21st century. If you want to find out how to optimize your life in absolutely every where possible (or at least optimize your laughing muscles) than JP Sears is a must watch channel. He teaches you how to fix your morning routine, win Black Friday, get abs, and be a real man, in the most hilarious and worst ways possible. It’s a true delight.

Enjoy this curated list of videos from his channel. He also offers real advice and other resources to help you in life so after you have a good laugh, you may want to check out his serious videos and discover what he has to offer. And no, we’re just saying that, he doesn’t advertise here…..at least not yet!