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We all have trouble sleeping from time to time. This has been especially true the pandemic. In the early days, adjusting to working from home or different hours adversely affected the sleep schedule of many people (including Rouges Staffers). Getting quality sleep is important for everything from mood regulation to weight loss. Most people run a terrible sleep debt and don’t get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep.

We have compiled 5 youtube videos to help you get to sleep. If you’re running YouTube in dark mode, then these videos will gently rock you to sleep. You can also run these videos on the music app and if you’re a premium subscriber they will play ad free and with your phone screen off so that your phone is dark.

Better Than a Sleeping Pill

Sleep is vital for health and well being. Sleep is the time our bodies heal from the stressors of the day. If you have aches and pains, sleep is the body’s chance to heal and repair needed tissues and cells so keep our bodies operating. Getting quality sleep is one of the healthiest things you can do. This track is perfect for making sure that your sleep is optimized.

Have Trouble Falling Asleep?

If you have trouble falling asleep then this video is particularly for you! This video uses helpful relaxing music that will having you snoozing in no time!

A Chill Cafe

The right kind of jazz is perfect for creating the right mood for sleep. A chill cafe with light music floating, the lights off, and the moon out will be the perfect way to simply drift off into your dreams.

Let’s Sleep Together…

This track is ideal because it helps you fall asleep fast. This is perfect if you’re the type that ends up in bed, ready to sleep and then tosses and turns a bunch before finally laying down. This will have you in dream land quite quickly.


Insomnia sucks because just being tired can be a difficult thing and soon its the small hours of the morning and no sleep has occurred. The next time you’re not tired but need to sleep put on this binaural track. Binaural beats are excellent for sleep and overall healing.