And this time it’s over makeup and skincare! Caitlyn withdrew her applications to the Trademark office for several names related to skin care and makeup recently and rumor also holds that she and Kris had a huge blow out and Caitlyn finally told her off.

It had been rumored that she was looking at launching her own line. Kris, who owns part of daughter Kylie’s billion dollar makeup brand, said that Caitlyn would be unfairly competing with their daughter and that she was against the launch. Kris even went so far to call it a copy-cat brand.

However, the decision also seems practical. Kylie is reportedly going to offer Caitlyn her own line with in the Kylie cosmetics brand. Insiders say that all parties know that Caitlyn’s line will be much more successful within Kylie’s successful brand rather than trying to attempt her own launch.

Kris and Caitlyn divorced following the latter’s transition several years ago after 20 years of marriage.