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CBD, one of the components of cannabis has become quite the hot product. While its euphoric cousin, THC has gotten most of the press and the state legal fights, CBD has come a popular option for those seeking the relaxing affects of cannabis but without the euphoric high. That’s where CBD comes in. So what is CBD and should you pick some up?

CBD: Cannibidol

The Cannabis plant has two major molecules: THC and CBD. CBD is extracted from concentrate created from the plant after it has been harvested. This oil now comes in a variety of forms ranging from the raw concentrate which some people prefer to smoke to little gummies. For those that aren’t interested in the high of THC, CBD offers all the same effects without the high. CBD is great for managing pain or just relaxing at the end of a long day. For those that want the relaxation of cannabis without the euphoric high, CBD is an ideal compromise.

Defeat the Sunday Scaries

Conveniently, you don’t have to search your local market for CBD gummies. If you’re looking for that chill and relaxing effect, Sunday Scaries has created the perfect product for you shipped right to your home. You can get CBD gummies for relaxation or just to reduce some pain after a day of activity. Why take Advil or Tylenol when you can take something that is more natural, tastes better, and will give you relief in a short period of time?

CBD Tinctures

Just like its THC counter-part, CBD also comes in a tincture that you can put under your tongue and get relief in just 10-15 minutes. Sunday Scaries also offers tinctures alongside all their awesome CBD products. This product has become a favorite around the Rouges offices. When anyone has some pain or just needs to chill out, they get a gummy. Our publisher has some pain issues of his own and he’s really into their products. The tincture is really nice, although its not as convenient as a gummy, it offers a fast delivery and doesn’t taste bad either.

CBD: Now At Your Local Convenience Store

Surprisingly, CBD has multiple and interesting uses besides as a tincture or a gummy. In 2018, Congress passed the Farm bill which legalized the cultivation of hemp and allowed CBD products into a variety of products and allowed them to be sold in a variety of places like convenience stores. Tribe CBD is now available in a variety of stores around the country. Tribe just won an award for their energy and sleep shots. You can look for Tribe in your area. CBD has a variety of uses and now you can get it in a convenient shot.

CBD: America’s New Supplement

CBD is rising in popularity around the country. It can do so much and it offers all the same effects of cannabis without the high. What’s not to love? If you’d like to get your hands on Sunday Scaries, you can learn more about their products and get your own. CBD is fun, relaxing, and is a great thing to keep around the house for those moments when you just want to chill out. There’s no need to smoke and now there’s no need to go to a dispensary. You can get it delivered to your home! Let us know over social media what your experience is and how much you love Sunday Scaries!