This month, GameRadar named Fortnite the Ultimate Game in the World giving it a coveted Golden Joystick award. Many thought that Red Dead Redemption 2, a darling of critics, would sweep all the awards. 

For the uninitiated, Fortnite is a battle-royale game that has gained tremendous popularity due to his cross-platform capability. The gaming base is primarily mobile and Fortnite has brought a traditional PC gaming model right into the phones of young people across the world. It can be played on any platform and you can play with players regardless of what they are playing on. 

You start out on a battle-bus from which you pick your spot to parachute out of the bus and land. After you land, you have to get busy because you can be killed at any time. It’s a competition to use the environment, gather resources and weapons to survive until the end of the round.

Fortnite is an impressive game. It’s delightfully animated and its pretty easy to play. It serves as something of interest and a huge time-suck. No two rounds are the same because of the interactive, multiplayer environment.

But it deserve one of gaming’s highest awards? It’s a simple game. It has no story-line to speak of, and it’s graphics engine is simple to accommodate every platform and mobile. Is it the best gaming can do or did it win simply because it was the most popular girl at the ball? 

Fortnite has become quite the cultural force with celebrity tournaments and professional teams already rising up. While it’s truly a people’s game, it doesn’t really deserve the Golden Joystick if the metrics you’re measuring by include game design, story, or graphics. It only deserves an award if your measuring by sheer popularity and force of cultural will and in my opinion, that’s not really enough to deserve an award. 

What do you think about this award? What about Red Dead Redemption 2? Do you think it should have won? See you in the comments….