If you haven’t heard of Doja Cat, you’ve probably been asleep under a rock like Patrick Star. 

Born 1995, in California, Amala (Doja Cat) Zandile Dlamini had a life long dream to become a singer, unbelievably, she struggled with shyness. Turning to apps like garageband and soundcloud, she ripped samples, edited beats, wrote, rapped and sang, slowly building a loyal fanbase and significant amount of followers, 6.2million on instagram!

Since 2012, Doja, put out a significant amount of original music and in 2014 at long last her EP “Purrr!” launched and was well received by fans and critics alike. Her next EP “Amala” which features one of my favorite songs, “Go to town” as well as a hit known as “Casual” came through in March 2018. However, the biggest boon to her career happened in 2018 when her video for “Mooo!” went viral, garnering over 57 million views. 

Doja, has released her newest single  “Rules” featuring a very scantily clad Doja, wearing what appears to be a purple half suit, half lace corset. Included in this look a big, fluffy, purple pimp hat and obligatory crystal pimp cane. Examining her appearance the first time watching her music video, Doja is flashy, sexy and exuding a sinister aura, accesorised with rough cut jewelry, sunglasses and nails that look like you’d cut yourself on them if you got too close. Doja pulls down the razor sharp Oakley’s to reveal she is actually a reptile lady! This could explain a lot. 

If you haven’t jumped into the deep waters yet with Doja, please check out her music video, you can check her out on Instagram also, Dojacat.com