The Segel family became famous for their post-recession fall from grace. David Segel owns an extremely large timeshare company that he manages with his older children and during the recession their business took a turn for the worse and it had severe financial consequences. At the time, his wife was working on a near-replica of the Palais de Versailles in France. However, the business financial issues caused personal financial issues and the house is still as of yet unfinished.

The family filmed a TV show to talk about the house and the perils of the financial situation. The TV show caused quite a stir at the time and Segel admits that he wished he hadn’t done it. The family became famous for all the wrong reasons: too wealthy, out of touch, and generally ostentatious. The TV show made a big deal out of their lavish lifestyle. The show started with the so-called “Queen of Versailles” getting McDonald’s in a limo. The family still lives in their large mansion on an island off the coast of Florida near the channel islands. The show also made a big deal about their inability to deal with “regular life” and all the luxuries they had to give up due to their financial situation.

The regret about doing the show has hit more even more now that the couple’s eldest daughter overdosed on painkillers. She was only 11 when the show premiered and one of the things that they credit with her addiction was the mean comments made about her weight. She developed and eating disorder and that resulted in a deadly drug addiction. Now the Segel family is devoting resources (the business has recovered and construction is back on) to helping people facing drug addiction.