Welcome to our 8 p.m. PST update. Things are not looking great for the Biden campaign at this hour. Many of the states that Biden looked to for help in his race to 270 have turned towards Trump. Ohio was an early favorite for Biden but the vote has turned toward Trump. Hope was had in Texas but sadly that has also turned. North Carolina was favorited as well but that too is drifting Trump.

It will be awhile before we can rehab this election and figure out what happened. Biden made plays for all the right voters but despite the pandemic, running against an incumbent is a difficult thing to do. Before Covid, Trump was riding high on a good economy and right now, it appears that people are not voting against his handling of the coronavirus. Biden’s campaign must bear some blame. According to NBC news, Biden did not do door-to-door canvassing in South Florida or elsewhere because of the virus and Biden’s campaign has never had large rallies in the style of Trump. Although the polls had Biden ahead, it appears that the polling data still can’t reflect the true mood of the country: especially in Florida. However, not all is lost.

There are still mail-in ballots to count in states like Pennsylvania where things remain close and the ballots were only counted today. Counties in Georgia announced that they would resume counting tomorrow morning and they quit counting about 30 minutes ago of this writing. Minneapolis has reported they will not have a number until tomorrow.

NBC is projected that the Democrats will control the House again but most of the races aren’t counted yet so stick a pin in that. When it comes to the Senate, former governor Hickenlooper of Colorado picked up a seat for the Democrats but the Democrats lost the Doug Jones seat in Alabama. Joni Ernst is behind in Iowa which could be a crucial pickup and both Thom Tillis and Lindsay Graham have hung on to their seats. It could be a narrow Republican majority or a narrow Democrat majority depending on a few races out west. It is past 7 p.m. here on the West Coast and most West Coast polls have closed. Now is the time to wait on the returns and see how some of these states in the east begin to really stack up.

The race isn’t over until it is over and all ballots are counted but at this update, Democrats have a significant reason to be concerned.