Welcome to Election 2020! Election day is finally here and the returns are rolling in. Returns will take longer this year because of Covid but we’re getting some returns already and there’s good news for both sides of the campaign.


It’s looking like Trump’s strategy to target hispanic voters in South Florida has worked well and he has pulled voters away in the democrat stronghold of Miami-Dade county. Right now much of the vote is counted and Trump has a healthy lead. However, that’s about all the good news for Trump right now. There are some other troubling spots around the country including North Carolina, Ohio, and possibly Texas.

Upper Midwest

We don’t have too many numbers on the Upper Midwest just yet. Polls only closed there an hour ago. However, right now, there’s good news for the Biden campaign in Ohio and we’re already getting early numbers from Pennsylvania and things are promising. There is also good news out of the sunbelt with Biden have a small lead on 55% of the vote in Texas. No one is sure if that will hold at this time. Washington Post also has Kansas marked blue right now. Democrats recently seized power at the state level. If Kansas votes for Biden this time, it’ll be the first time since the 1930s.

The Congress

A Biden lead in Texas is not defeating Cornyn, at least right now. Cal Cunningham is edging out Thom Tillis in NC and the democrat is up in Kansas. Most of the other Senate races are going according to the polls. Mitch McConnell secured his seat in Kentucky despite low approval rates but that did match with polls. In the House, Democrats are looking at picking up 7 seats right now and the GOP is picking up 4. We can’t say who will control what chamber but the Senate is a toss-up and Democrats anticipate retaining control of the house.

Continue the Nail Biting

Each side is doing plenty of nail biting tonight and it is still early yet. We’re still waiting on the next round of poll closures in the inter-mountain west which includes Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas, and Montana. It’s important to keep yourself calm and pace yourself. Things will get much more interesting after the final polls here in the West Coast at 7 pm PST.

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