With a variety of states called and millions of votes counted, the race for the Presidency is far from over. Let’s look at how things stand across the board.


Democrats are still on track to hold control of the House. There were some losses in major red districts that went blue in 2018. This happened out west, especially in New Mexico. The Senate is still in play with 7 seats as yet undecided but Republicans lead in the Senate seat count at this hour. The Senate is going to be close either way with no party have a sweeping majority. The big party turnovers tonight were Cory Gardner in Colorado and Doug Jones in Alabama with Mark Kelly bringing up the rear in Arizona.


The Presidential race is coming down to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina with Georgia as a real possibility. There are still millions of votes to be counted in those states and the counting will continue into tomorrow. Results could stream in throughout the day and possibly into Thursday. Both candidates stayed up late to speak to their reporters. Biden spoke first and advised patience and believed that he would win. Kamala Harris was not with him. I noted tonight on Twitter that we’ve not seen much of Kamala Harris on any of the shows or coverage and I wonder if the Biden campaign regrets that or not. President Trump announced from the White House that he had “won” the election and that he wanted the voting to stop. Bear in mind that neither candidate has the 270 electoral college votes required and the counting in the outstanding states is not complete. President Trump has not won the election despite his speech otherwise.

What Happened to the Blue Wave?

In a big shock for Democrats tonight, the blue wave was nowhere to be seen. Joni Ernst hung on in Iowa, Susan Collins, looks to be hanging on in Maine. Joe Biden has not particularly over-performed anywhere, including Florida, where Biden support collapsed in Miami-Dade county. 2018 portended bit things, and the polling data going into the election indicated even more, but the reality of the votes we have tonight is that by and large, Americans have decided to keep President Trump in office despite it all. While this is not a 1984 situation, where Reagan ran the table, the chance for Biden to still lose this election is very real, and that is keeping up Democrats tonight. There has been some enthusiasm gap between Trump supporters and Biden supporters. Trump has always been able to gin up excitement among his base. Biden, on the other hand, was the candidate that no one really wanted on the Democrat side. Biden failed to articulate a vision for America. His message was simply, “if you’re tired of Trump then vote for me.” That might be enough to get it over the line but I won’t be surprised if it isn’t.

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