When we signed off last night we were hoping to wake up to some new vote totals but we were disappointed. The only movement in the race so far has been in Wisconsin which has been called for Joe Biden and where Trump is likely to call for a recount. We are still waiting on numbers from Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. Right now, Biden has 253 electoral votes. Wins in Nevada and Arizona would put him over the top or a win in the Keystone State. Democrats are hopeful about Pennsylvania.

They are still counting mail-in ballots and the ballots have favored Biden so far. Trump is narrowing the lead in Arizona and Nevada will resume counting tomorrow. They have taken a break from counting votes in Georgia and will resume counting tomorrow. Biden is closing the lead in Georgia but Trump remains on top there right now. That’s the race where it stands right now.

Mysteriously, Trump has “declared victory” over states that aren’t done counting leading people on Twitter to engage in some hilarious hyperbole of claiming things that they clearly don’t own.

The bigger story is the complete lack of a Blue Wave. The self-flagellation on Twitter has already begun with Progressives claiming that Bernie would have won and that the DNC can only screw over the Left for so long before it starts costing them in elections. Obviously, there is plenty of push-back on that point and there are reasons that Sanders might not have fared much better.

For people who just might win the Presidency tonight, Democrats are not happy. It is a bit of an empty victory. Congressional Democrats are unhappy as well. Going into the election, they anticipated picking up the Senate and more seats in the house. The House Majority narrowed instead and the Republicans are hanging onto the Senate by two seats, although events in Georgia might change that depending on the vote count. Democrats thought that this election would loudly refute Trumpism and instead, it has been anything but that. Those frustrated with the past 4 years thought that Americans were over Trump and his antics. This election shows that is certainly not the case. Even if Biden wins, he will be going into the office with a deeply divided country and plenty of polarization. Extreme Trump voters will claim that it’s all rigged and there were problems and certainly Trump will foment those claims. Trump himself is likely to be a poisoned dragon spreading his acidic words on any platform that will put him on air.

It’s November 4th, the election has still not been decided at this writing and it could be days before we get any sort of final result and resolution. Lawsuits will be filed and Trump will attempt to drag this out for as long as possible simply to avoid losing. We will continue to post periodic updates on the race and it’s implications.