Earlier this year we went into the controversy around Britney Spears’ conservatorship. If you’ve been sleeping on #freebritney you can read our expose here. There have been a few updates since the story first broke on Twitter. She’s been in court with her mother to have the conservatorship modified and possibly canceled. But as it has been pointed out, changing these conservatorships are notoriously difficult. Her case was also not helped by nascent reports that she was in a rehab center for her bi-polar disorder (which some dispute she even has) and by recent abuse by her father toward her children resulting in her losing shared custody and only seeing her kids 30% of the time. Her Instagram comments are filled with people begging her to give an honest update or to wear certain colored clothing if she is in trouble. It is worth mentioning that when commenters told her to wear yellow if she was in trouble, she did on 3 occasions and danced in front of a yellow background. In these videos, we get the latest on the #freebritney movement and the last rumblings from legal filings about how she might break free.