Guide for Ethics and Standards

Rouges Magazine publishes these Editorial Ethics Guidelines to let our readers know the kind of publication we are creating and will continue to create. These Ethical Guidelines are the beacon on which reporting, stories, and other features will be based. Rouges Magazine is a growing publication and will continue to grow and evolve across platforms and media that will help us access new readers and deliver our journalism to serve our audience best. No matter what platform we might embark on, our standards will remain the same. This publication was begun with integrity as our first value. This means that we want to get reporting right through accurate journalism and high-quality content, no matter the source. We like to bring the best of the internet to our readers using long-standing principals of good journalism. We like to work with talented and diverse people from a variety of backgrounds and identities. We believe in the people we work with and their judgment and personal values and integrity. Without our readers’ trust, we have nothing, and we will work daily to maintain that trust. 

Ads and Revenue

Advertising through native ads and affiliate partnerships are core to the monetization of our platform. Our advertising strategy has no reflection on our editorial content. We will keep ads obvious when native ads appear that include advertiser content and affiliate links (where we make a commission on sales) are clearly marked and obvious to the reader. Advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of Rouges Magazine, Widgery Omnimedia (our parent company), or our editorial staff.

Conflict of Interest and Disclosure

Rouges Magazine editorial staff have independence and our reporters work very hard on each story. Anyone with a conflict of interest will disclose that conflict or be recused from a story when needed. This can include a private relationship, financial interest or political activity. Our staff is free to donate to causes that they choose but any donations or activities that relate to their work will be disclosed to the reader. Future investment or other financial interest will not affect our editorial integrity or goals. Rouges Magazine is wholly owned by Widgery Omnimedia. 


Rouges Magazine makes every effort to make sure that all our stories are accurate and free of any kind of error. If correction is required, it will be updated and a special note at the top of the story will be added by the staff. Corrections will be issued as soon as possible. If we decide to remove a story, it will happen at the discretion of the editorial staff. We strive for this to be only on rare occasions. 

Social Media

Rouges Magazine enjoys distributing content from a great group of contributors. While we do not censor what staff or freelance writers for us might post on social media, we do advise them to “think before posting.” Everything they say or do reflects on themselves and ultimately onto us. We expect our staff to bring the same values of integrity and honesty to their social media presence that they bring to their work with us. We do not censor voices, and we do not shy away from differing opinions. We ask that those opinions be expressed in a way that is respectful and mindful of others. Social media interactions should never be abuse. 

Our Media Values


This should be simple, but it often needs stating: we value honesty in our content and reporting. We even look for it in 3rd party content that we post. The truth is important, especially in an era where everyone is questioning everything. We promise to be honest with our readers in all our stories and do our best to make sure that the reader experience is authentic and faithful to the truth. 


This publication was created with integrity in mind. This means that we cover stories that reflect our values and what is important in the world. We also want to share interesting things which means that we’re going to look for the cream of the crop of content and contributors. 


In a world of siloed information, it is important to be fair and balanced in our coverage and expose readers of different perspectives to multiple points of view. We strive to make sure that our coverage provides a 360 degree view as best we can so that anyone can see a situation objectively. We strive to maintain a culture of inclusion for all voices (and we do mean all voices) while also maintaining high stands for the content that we post with a strong eye to the wonderful traditions of journalism that have made democracy possible. 


Rouges receivess news and content from all over the place. We protect our sources as best we can and keep them anonymous as long as they are honest with us and we can verify the veracity of their claims. We do not pay for information nor we do pay for sources. In the long tradition of media, we work to double verify the information and if we cannot then we will let the reader know or simply not include it at all.