Let’s face facts. Men’s swimwear can be pretty boring, especially as compared to women’s swimwear. However, Harmonqlo is here to solve that problem. Harmonqlo founder Joseph Cohen received three high end bathing suits as a birthday gift, he found himself in utter shock. The shorts were uncomfortable, low quality and did not reflect true luxury items. He started researching by great brands would have such shoddy swimwear.

Harmonqlo swimwear is one of the fastest drying trunks in the world and the best part is that they are also incredibly comfortable.  Each swim short is made with a unique 4-way stretch and uses super lightweight fabrics, which makes the shorts extremely versatile. Say good-bye to that mesh liner that every man hates. HARMONQLO uses an extremely smooth, soft and silky mesh liner with very small holes preventing any scratching or rashes. Say goodbye to tags poking at your bag because HARMONQLO sewed their tags on all 4 sides leaving no protrusions.  The nanotechnology makes the fabric 100% hydrophobic, meaning the water runs right off. 

“Just imagine how awesome it would be if your workout shorts were also your swim shorts,” says founder Joseph D. Cohen. “Imagine you could play ball, jump in the water and actually run straight to the couch leaving no watermarks behind.”  HARMONQLO has made this a reality.

Harmonqlo is currently funding their new line of swimwear through Kickstarter where you can pre-order your trunks in these great patterns.

Follow them on instagram for more updates and right now shipping within the US is free! You can also visit them at their website for more info.