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Harry Potter and The Failed Sequel

Fantastic Beasts

The Crimes of Grindelwald, the latest film in the Harry Potter series is out this weekend and it’s already having problems. The first problem is that the movie isn’t very popular but it also commits a crime against the Harry Potter cannon.  Professor McGonagal starts the movie off teaching at Hogwarts but the movie is set in the 1920s before the character was born according to the official lore. The movie just seems to stretch to be as inclusive of Harry Potter as possible while also trying to live in the Fantastic Beasts universe and it just sort of falls flat in its efforts. 

Then there’s the problem that this is just a movie no one wanted. The concept of the world before Harry takes flight was fascinating but only once. An additional tale that just wrecks the franchise is a movie that no one wants. Johnny Depp’s performance has been panned by certain critics as well. The plot is simple enough, when a race of pure-blood wizards are being created to rule the world, Dumbledore enlists his student to help stop the the nefarious plot. It’s a fun foray in the world but it’s treading water. It’s sure to be one of those films in a series that your friends promise you to just struggle through until the next one that actually moves the whole story forward. 

It appears that people are seeing it however, it earned $26 million dollars this weekend but it’s doubtful to last. Did you watch? What did you think?

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