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How It’s Made: Cars

The car completely changed the way we existed in the world. Journey’s that took days by horse and carriage could be traversed within hours. It allowed America to move farther out of towns and cities. Mechanization changed everything, especially warfare. In WWI, they used horses, by WWII, the horses had been replaced by trucks and the Jeep.

However, the innovation that allowed this to really take off was the assembly line. Goods, like cars, could be standardized and mass produced at scale with lower prices. Companies are always looking at ways to make things faster or at a lower cost. Some are more successful than others.

In the below videos, a careful observation will show much car manufacturing has changed between 1936 and 2015. The amount of machines and robots used to make things increases dramatically. This also means that you’ll see progressively fewer people as you watch the videos. In the 1930s, the factory is teeming with workers. By 2015, machines dominate with the help of just a few humans. Even bespoke cars like McLaren and Rolls Royce don’t use as many humans as they used to. If anything, the human touch is the part that makes those brands more elite than Ford or Toyota.

We’ve compiled an interesting time line of car manufacturing. Starting in the 1930s and then up to modern manufacturing.

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