Younger people have embraced houseplants like never before. Houseplants green up your space and bring a little bit of nature inside. They can enhance a space and they create a wonderful thing to take care. Some millennials in lieu of children are getting pets and houseplants. For those that can’t or don’t want pets, houseplants are a great choice to bring some life into their space without the time or expense of other living creatures.

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Buying House Plants

The best place to buy house plants is either at your local garden center or select online retailers. House Plant Shop is a great online retailer. They grow all their plants in their Southern California greenhouse and ship nationwide. If you are going to your local garden center, ask someone for their house plants section. Plants that thrive inside can be different than their outdoor cousins and usually there are some great options.

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Just buying your house plants is just the first step. There are a few things you’ll need:

  • New, bigger pots
  • Potting soil
  • Watering Can
  • Mister
  • Drip Trays

Most house plants will come in small, cheap pots used for their early growth. These pots won’t be suitable for long term life of the plant and they aren’t very decorative either. Your first act as a home gardener will be to re-pot your plants in bigger and more decorative pots. You’ll need additional soil and you’ll need drip trays to put under the plants so any excess water from watering will end up in the tray and not on your furniture or floor. A watering can will be needed so that you can regularly water your plants and help them expand their roots. A mister is also great to add some needed moisture to your plants from time to time.

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Plant Care

Plant care is very important. There are multiple things you can do to make sure your plants grow in a healthy way. One is to use house plant fertilizers. For those that prefer a more organic approach, you can seek out organic fertilizers that help house plants stay green and healthy. Water will be the biggest part of plant care. Watering should take place at least once a week. When your house plants are new, you should water them every other day. Plants potted in a new environment will need extra water than more established plants. From time to time, leaves on the plant may die off, you can simply clip those away, as close to the base as possible and discard them.

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Welcome to House Plant Care!

Now you’re plants are re-potted, watered, and ready to grow! You’ll see the effects of your work immediately. Your space will be greener, you’ll feel better and you’ll get a chance to watch your plants grow!