If you’re a man with body hair (most men) then you might want to trim down all that hair or go for the smooth look and get rid of it all completely. However, as anyone will tell you, this is no easy thing. There are multiple tools available to you for how much you want to trim and where the trimming is going to take place.

Why You Want to Trim It Up

The days of being wild and wooly are long past. No one wants to cut through a jungle for oral sex and sometimes excess hair can keep odor, no matter how good you wash it, having a nice trim is a good way to solve both of these issues. There is no need to go completely smooth but keeping body hair trimmed and neat is a polite thing to do for your partner. It can also be a great moment of self care. When we feel better, we feel sexier and that can be intoxicating.

You have Some Options

  • Razor (not the one for your face)
  • Nair/Veet
  • Electric trimmer (not so great for crotch area)

Often, you’ll need different tools for different area. Trimming your testicles and the area around is not really a good idea for your electric tools. A safety razor is a good idea. You’ll also want to use some aftershave or an alum block to prevent ingrown hair and to prevent long term itching. Chest, underarms, and legs are all eligible for an electric razor, especially if you want to keep some hair and go totally hairless.

To help you get to manscaping better we’ve found a helpful video guide!