That’s right, 9-6, 6 days a week. This grueling schedule is common in China. entrepreneur Jack Ma has promoted it has the ideal working schedule. However, the schedule leads to a 9 hour day, not including commuting creating conditions where workers only have 1 day to do other errands, see friends and family and actually live. Working days barely allow time to eat outside of work. Jack Ma and other Chinese leaders seem to believe that workers should do nothing else but work constantly.

Now, Chinese workers are trying to push back against this trend and doing what they can to get away from this schedule and get better hours. They are voting with their labor and talents and moving to companies with a more forgiving schedule. If companies want to attract the best talent in China, the 9-6-6 schedule could turn those people away right at the beginning.

CBS This Morning covers the cultural change in China and what workers are doing to change the climate.