with Cameron Cowan

India’s 39-day election is coming to a conclusion. The voting ended on Sunday but the results will be out on May 23rd. The indications seem to show that Narendra Modi will remain in power for another term but this election has been a contentious one with issues like the economy, competition with China, and poverty all on the table for improvement. When Modi ran for the first time 5 years ago, his campaign centered on reform and making India an easier place to do business by ridding the country of its infamously complicated bureaucracy. However, 5 years on, the talk of reform has died down, hardline Hindu attitudes are up, and Modi is promoting himself as a protector rather than a reformer. The hardline Hindu attitude is difficult for a country made up of a variety of ethnicities and religions, although Hindus are the majority. India has kept the patchwork of Christians, Muslims, and Hindus together with secularism but it appears that the Modi government might be inching away from that historic precedent that has helped India become the world’s largest democracy.

Thanks to our India Correspondent, Ravi Kumar for sending us these pictures of the election from the streets.

India’s Election in Pictures