2019 saw a vaping crisis hit the US, Canada, and elsewhere has people reported to hospitals with vaping related illnesses. Although the Centers for Disease control eventually tracked the deaths and illness to vitamin E acetate being used in illegal marijuana cartridges, the damage to vaping, even nicotine vaping, was done. Massachusettes and Michigan quickly passed bans on any e-juice that was not tobacco flavored. Juul, the biggest brand on the market, was forced to change its market and remove products from the market and in a big move, Congress raised the age to buy smoking products from 18-21 as apart of the Federal government’s budget in December.

Is vaping the new smoking? Anti-smoking advocates worry that vaping is going to cause more people to become addicted to nicotine after decades of anti-smoking propaganda had reduced the number of smokers to less than 20% and youth smokers to the low single digits. Smoking among Americans had been nearly eliminated when vaping arrived to give people a new way to get their nicotine.

To learn more about vaping and to see if it really is the new smoking, we have this video from the CBC in Canada.