For most of her career, Kathy Griffin was the crazy red-haired lady who did the CNN New Years Eve coverage and talked about celebrity gossip and her many run-ins with the stars who both loved her and hated her. Throughout her career she became a gay icon and sported a reality tv show on Bravo for 6 seasons while also having a short-lived talk show.


Kathy Griffin made international headlines in 2017 when she posted a photo of a mask of President Trump covered in fake blood (she describes it as ketchup). The photo went viral for all the wrong reasons and President Trump took to Twitter (as he does) to condemn her. She went from favorite comedian to pariah overnight. She was investigated by the Justice Department and the Secret Service. She was put on the no-fly list, the Interpol list, and her passport was flagged making travel outside of the United States difficult at best. She booked overseas shows of her popular stand-up comedy routine after the scandal came out and sat in airports waiting to be cleared to get on airplanes. CNN fired her from the New Years Eve show (which she did for free) and all her paying work and gigs dried up in a matter of days. One of the parts she was surprised was how Hollywood insiders conspired to cut her out of the industry as fast as possible. “I had no idea how powerful they really were.” She reported in her SXSW keynote address. Other Hollywood stars condemned the photo over social media and she had very few defenders. If you followed her on Twitter or Instagram, she cataloged the whole experience.

The Comeback

Kathy Griffin has finally come back to tell her story and she has created a new stand-up routine. As no one would book her for tours, she took her own career into her hands and hired a marketing firm to take over her social media, create an email list, and book venues for her. She then sold out Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Now she’s been out and about telling her story and advocating for the first amendment and talking about how she was attacked by online trolls and other right-wing groups for her photo.

To see her tell the story, watch now: