Having sex for the first time is many things. It’s usually not that great because you have no idea what you are doing but it feels good. For many women, the first time having sex is usually just as, if not more, awkward than it is for men. There’s quite a bit to prepare for like birth control and STDs. Most people get some sort of sex talk at some point so most people understand the basic mechanics of “doing it.”

Sex is one of those things you can only understand fully after doing it. There’s quite a bit that can go wrong ranging from broken condoms to whether he (if you’re straight) gets it in on the first…or fourth try. First times having sex can bring back great memories of the people that we were and who we were with. It’s a special moment and that person will always be sort of special.

If you’re one of our younger (or maybe not-so-young) readers who hasn’t taken the big leap yet, here are a few tips:

  • Have a plan for protection (STDs are a thing!)
  • Have a birth control (if your first time includes a person who can get pregnant or a person who can get someone pregnant)
  • Be patient
  • Be well prepared (lube is a thing and should be handy)
  • Don’t rush into the “main event” take time to get warmed up
  • Shower!
  • Urinate before and after (guys, that means you too, reduce STD chances!)