Today is going to be a long day of news and rumors and updates. For those of us in the news business, we will be updating tabs and cursing slow internet connections. For everyone else, we encourage calm and patience. Let’s look at the race as it stands right now to get our bearings.

There have already been some issues with ballot counting in Texas. The Republicans sued to have drive-through ballots thrown out in Harris County but the court did not allow that for now. President Trump has already said that the lawyers will be combing the nation for problems and filing suits as early as tomorrow night. It’s going to be a long day and most likely a long week. So please, pace yourself.

The polls heading into this election have broadly predicted a Biden win by some margin but that is dependent on North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The President must win all of those to stay in the game. Biden can afford to split that list with the exception of Florida. The only way Biden can recover from a Florida loss is to win Texas where he is within the margin of error. If Biden, by some miracle wins both Florida and Texas, then President Trump will not be re-elected.

However, we think the race will be close. Some states will have mandatory recounts in some areas if the race is too close. Many states will be overwhelmed with ballots to count and results may take days. We will most likely not know the winner tomorrow night and there is guaranteed to be legal wrangling in the days to come. Stay calm and be prepared for any eventuality.

There are also Senate races to consider. People are looking at Kentucky, South Carolina, both races in Georgia, Montana, and Arizona for Senate pick-ups for the Democrats. The Democrats will likely hang onto the House with a healthy margin.

If you have not returned you ballot yet, please find a drop box today. Google has a helpful resource. Just search election drop boxes and put in your address. A map nearby will pop-up (we tried it!). The Post Office has been scrambling to get ballots to election offices throughout the country. The deadline to use the mail was last week at best. If you are planning on voting in-person, please make sure to bring a snack, water, and whatever you might need. Election turn out has been tremendous and lines will be long tomorrow. If you have a camp chair to sit in, it’s probably not a bad idea to just grab that out.

This is the first election since most likely 1864 or possibly 1800 where violence may hit the streets based on what happens. Please prepare for that eventuality. Things are going to happen at a rapid pace now. Protests will likely begin as soon as late Tuesday night. Attend those if you wish, but know your own risks when you do so. There is still a pandemic on and the police may not be nice in how they disperse the crowd. Be careful and be safe.

For live coverage of the 2020 Presidential Election, Editor-in-Chief Cameron Cowan will be live-tweeting beginning at 4 pm Pacific when polls on the East coast have closed. Please follow him on Twitter.

Most importantly, good luck and thank you for voting and participating in democracy. Thanks for reading our election coverage and sharing with your friends.