Should the Duchess be forced to talk with her Father?

HRH Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, better known as Meghan Markle, is having more issues with her father. Before she ascended to royalty, she did not have much of a relationship with her father who left her and her mother when she was young. It caused quite a row that he was not invited to the royal wedding and he has complained that he has generally been shut out of her life. He has been a darling of the tabloids who love to smear the royals every chance they get. Now he is back in the public eye asking for contact or pictures of his grandson Archie.

In this video from 9 News in Australia, they talk about his latest claims that he has not seen his grandchild and can’t even get a picture.

Children, Grandchildren, and Parents

This whole affair brings up a question, are children under any special obligation to include their parents into the lives of their own children? Some would say that family is the most important thing and others would say that she isn’t under any special obligation to do so. And the latter might be true, supposing she wasn’t in such a visible position. However, it is quite clear that any time he feels like he isn’t being included or at least somewhat pacified, he will have no problem calling up any news outlet willing to talk to him. In the clips the presenters mention that it “shouldn’t be too hard to get this sorted.” It is embarrassing that he manages to drag the young family into the news every time he doesn’t get what he wants.

Keeping Him Out of the Press

One thing is clear. It is time for the Sussex’s to keep him out of the press. How best to do this? Give him just enough to keep him quiet. She doesn’t necessarily have to grant access. But send him enough pictures, video and just enough access to keep him out of the press. It is hard for anyone to deal with a parent, with whom they don’t get along, especially when children are involved. However, given her public profile, she might have to deal with him, at least in a distant form to keep news stories like these out of the press. There are too many outlets willing to give him air time to air his grievances. This needs to stay out of the public and Meghan should take the lead to control the narrative.