We’re back with the vintage vibes and this time we’ve dug deep! We’ve matched together two videos from both sides of the Atlantic. In the first video, we have great footage of 1890s Paris. The film begins with stunning footage of Notre Dame and then moves on to scenes in the park and a very interesting moving sidewalk contraption. It’s pretty amazing to watch people look at the camera with a certain amount of curiosity. Remember, movie technology is in its infancy at the time. The original film would have had no sound. Sound has been added and the editor has speed corrected the film so it doesn’t look like everyone is walking too fast. However, the first film gives a great insight into what it would have looked like to walk the streets of Paris in the 1890s.

In the second film, we’re transported to New York City in 1911 before World War I. In this video, the automobile is more prominent and you can see great old buildings like the Waldorf-Astoria hotel and Times Square. Most people walked everywhere and the streets are teeming with people. The fashion and the store frontage is all fascinating to watch.