Mo’Nique has had an ongoing feud with Hollywood. If you’re not aware of who she is, she is a stand-up comedienne and star of film and television. She has been in media for 30 years and was part of a wave of television telling black stories. There would be no Black-ish without The Parkers from the 1990s. She’s incredibly funny and someone you should know.

Precious Moments

This scuffle all started with her Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress in Precious. Part of her contract involved doing press for the movie. Actors are compensated for this and she fulfilled everything in her contract and when they asked her to go Cannes and promote the movie with a free hotel and flight but no additional compensation. Mo’Nique refused both in principal and in personal reasons. That singular moment has derailed her career and put her at odds with a variety of celebs. At the time, Oprah, in a conversation with Lee Daniels said she was “difficult.” This continued her reputation for being difficult to work with and hard to manage. After the incident, she reported that she was blacklisted in Hollywood and that Lee Daniels and Oprah had robbed her of future opportunities that should have been available to an Academy Award Winner.

The Fallout

Over the years, Whoopi Goldberg has tried to step in and explain to her what she did wrong. Even recently, she appeared on The View and had another conversation on the subject with the moderator of the daily talker. Accoding to Mo’Nique in a private conversation, Whoopi revealed how much ABC was paying her to be on The View and Mo’Nique said it was “and embarrassment. At the same time, she also appeared on Steve Harvey’s daytime program where Steve tried to have an intervention and explain to her why things are the way that they are in Hollywood, especially for people of color. Mo’Nique has stayed true to her principals. This came to a head recently when Netflix contacted her to do a series of special for the streaming service. She went public with the fact that their offer to her was far lower than she expected and far lower than others were being paid. She went public and called for a boycott of Netflix. The boycott did not catch on.

In this video, Mo’Nique break down the latest feud and everyone else who has been since pulled into it and why she continues to stand on her principal.