CBS announced this week that it will not be renewing the reboot of the popular 90’s comedy. Fans of the show were excited to see the cast back on TV commenting on popular topics. The show broke tremendous ground in the 1990s by showing a successful professional woman being pregnant and choosing to become a single mother and keep her career going. As far as feminist TV shows go, Murphy Brown is the gold standard. 

The latest reboot has not performed well in the ratings. The show only has a  .89 share in the 18-49 demographic. I had posted on Reddit that while I was excited for the show to return and that the premise was good, Murphy Brown is on cable doing commentary while her son, Avery, works at a competing and conservative network, the show seemed slow and almost geriatric. Murphy Brown was funny because the comedy was fast and full of energy. I just don’t think the cast has that kind of fast delivery anymore. Now, the show just seems to be a weekly liberal think piece with some comedy for effect. It’s sad to see it go but not surprisingly overall. 

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