Today, NASA made news again by landing the Mars InSight lander on the surface of the planet Mars, our nearest planetary neighbor. The craft made the 3 month voyage and used a parachute to slow down from 12,500 mph to just 5 so it could neatly land on the surface. It also brought with it, two tiny MarCO satellites that will be transmitting data from the lander and back to Earth. NASA has now successfully landed on Mars 8 times. This trip was also great news for autonomous technology as the lander hand to open it’s parachute and it’s solar panels on it’s own with no outside help from engineers on Earth who could not reach the satellite by radio during it’s 7 minute descent to the red planet. You can watch the whole show below. 

The lander will be researching under the Martian surface. Using an self-hammering nail that will dig down 16 feet, it will measure the temperature under the surface of Mars. It will also measure the magnitude of the mars quakes and use that data to determine the composition of the planet.