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The Uncharted series, following Nathan Drake’s larger than life adventures, presumably came to a close after the events of Uncharted 4. The next installment, at the time of writing this based on hear-say, is about Nathan and Elena’s child following their footsteps.  However, I do not think they should go this route, not yet. Naughty Dog may not know it, but they’ve left one major loose end in their character story telling, they can’t leave this legend’s story to die. Victor “Sully” Sullivan’s story. 

A fourteen year old Nathan, first meets Sully in October of 1991, Cartagena, Columbia. Where fate would have it, both of them unknowingly are trying to steal the same artifact in a Museum. Nathan picks the wrong pocket, mistaking Sully for an easy mark. After Nate’s heist at the museum, of Sir Francis Drake’s ring, goes awry Sully takes him under his wing, betraying his low life business partner and love interest.  This begins a life-long friendship that takes them around the globe treasure hunting.  What I want to know is, what was Sully’s life like and where was Sully before we met him in Columbia? Sully was only forty years old when he met Nate in 1991, so potentially we have at least twenty five years unaccounted from 1966 through 1991. 

Picture this, Uncharted V: A Time For Thieves. The opening scene is of Nathan walking into a bustling hospital, patients being rushed around, a frazzled nurse at the main desk dealing with an unruly customer, next in line is Nathan. He politely asks directions to room 519, the Nurse asks him who he’s here to see, Nathan replies “Sully… I mean, Victor Sullivan”

Sully became severely ill after the years of cigars, drinks, days and late nights fraught with peril took their toll, and is in rough shape. Sully lays in bed, sunlight beaming through the slightly shaded venetian blinds on to the blanket and drawing part way up on to his flushed face.  After a heartfelt “Hey, Kid. Come sit down” Nathan holds his old friends hand, and Sully breaks the bad news to him. He will not survive. Nathan and Sully reflect on the amazing times they’ve had, fighting private militia in the jungle, the ancient treasure of Sir Francis Drake, gun fights, gold, women,  and good stogys. Sully starts to reminisce of his adventures before he met Nate, stories that Nathan has never heard, secrets never revealed to him. The major gameplay sections begin as Sully sets the stage. Looking through the list of ancient missing treasures, I’ve hand picked a few that might be viable options for quests. 

The Kusanagi

A sword and one of the Three Sacred Treasures Of Japan that legitimize the rule of the Emperor. Lost at sea in the Battle of Dan-no-ura  in the Genpei War.  

The Sword of Islam : 

Ceremonial sword presented to Benito Mussolini in 1937 from Berber Collaborators in Italian Libya. Disappeared in July of 1943, after Mussolini’s summer residence was destroyed by the Italian Resistance. 

The Treasure of Esperanza

1.5 million gold pesos and an equal value in silver precolumbian art looted from the Vice-Royalty of Peru,, shipped on the Esperanza, taken and buried by pirates shipwrecked on Palmyra Atoll

Sully needs to have his own game, it has to happen. How can we as fans, pass by this glaring issue that needs to be explained. Sully has “Dos Equis” energy. He could’ve bench pressed nurses in the Bahamas, he could disarm you with his words or his hands, the police question him because he’s interesting.. So Naughty Dog, if this sounds interesting to you, I’m available. Call me?