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May this year deepen your awareness of the truth for your soul growth and courage for self-expression that allows for greater peace of mind, health, & prosperity!

Where Do You Fit in the Greater Divine Plan of the Universe in 2020?

This is an extremely important year for the USA and the World.  Will the United States embrace policies that are in accord with its greater divine purpose or succumb to negative fear-based political-economic policies that are indicated as the hard karma for this country.  In the astrology chart of the United States (Birth: July 4, 1776).

This country is called to be a nation that struggles to balance the availability of, and cultivation of political, intellectual, philosophical, and religious freedom with economic, financial, and material comfort and security.   

Ancient spiritual teachings indicate that the most favorable society is one that promotes intellectual and spiritual growth /moral values with a reasonable socio-economic structure offering opportunity for meritorious and gainful employment.  History has shown us societies that have been overly idealistically, intellectually, and morally dominated tend to flounder economically with severely impoverished segments of society.  There have also been societies that have had an excessive lust for power, greed and/or economic gain while negating or diminishing a moral compass for political/economic policies.  The former may be favorable for those with some degree of wealth or financial security to pursue education and soul growth through spiritual practices but lack the political-economic business skills to promote a material structure for the middle or working class to advance.

Whereas the latter may have great skills in mastering the organization of economic material resources to generate wealth but excesses associated with greed and power fuel attachment to the quest for more wealth, pleasure and luxuries creating an addiction consciousness that blocks or negates the importance of real spiritual growth practices for society.  

The astrology chart of a country is similar to the astrology natal charts of individuals, each person is a complex mix of positive potential attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors (positive karma) and negative karma or negative tendencies that call for the getting out of denial & embracing the spiritual practices that facilitate the body, mind, spirit healing.  

2020 for the United States

The chart of the United States implies the potential for being a world leader that has established a political, spiritual and economic model for balancing the availability and cultivation of political, intellectual, philosophical, and religious freedom with economic, financial, and material comfort and security.  However, the chart implies that this could be a protracted struggle that could exist for centuries. (Saturn in the 10th house square Sun Cancer).  

In the 19th century, this country went through a tumultuous transformation associated with the abolition of slavery which reflected the conflict between those lacking a moral compass for the sake of the economic exploitation of African and Native Americans and those more enlightened seeking some degree of moral guidance to political-economic policies.  The era of excessive capitalist exploitation of the natural resources (robber baron monopolists) of the earth leads to the roaring ’20s and the cultural dominance of greed and speculation, ending in economic collapse and the great depression in 1929.

How does an astrology horoscope for the USA indicate potential political-economic circumstances for 2020?  A real Horoscope shows the movement of the planets at any point in time and how the position of the planets in the zodiac signs indicates in relationship to a person’s natal chart or that of a country, the potential challenges and/or opportunities for that person or country during that time period.  The position of Saturn in Capricorn at this time is similar to its position in 1932 during the heart of the beginning of the Great economic Depression in the USA.  Saturn is in the area (2nd house) of the USA chart associated with values/money / economic policies for a country and can imply serious challenge or contraction.  However, to make matters worse, in 2020 Saturn is in conjunction with the USA natal Pluto which adds the potential significant political-economic struggle to reform or restructure the economy.   Also, the current position of the planet Pluto in Capricorn is moving in concert with Saturn, yet exactly opposite its position in 1932. This is acting as a more urgent catalyst for political/economic transformation.  This can highlight the possibility of critical life and death struggles associated with uncontrollable turmoil associated with nature and the environment.  A calling to balance unbridled exploitation of natural resources with the welfare and sustainment of the earth for the health of humanity and all living creatures.

Can business managerial decision models include environmental impact, health, safety, and well being of its workers and local community equal to or greater than the quest to maximize profits?  The moral answer to this question is fundamental to the critical future of this country. 2020 demonstrates planetary positions that call for political policies that offer hope and opportunity for masses of people to gain the resources to meritoriously improve their lives.

The position of Uranus in Taurus in the 4th house is also the same as its position in the ’30s of the Great Depression.  This position prompted the call to establish socio-economic policies that could facilitate hope for the homeless and government-sponsored policies that would facilitate renovation and improvement of the nation’s infrastructure while providing meaningful employment.  These planetary positions implied the demise of the Republicans unfettered free-market policies and rise of the Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal Democrats that facilitated the movement of balance between morally and ethically formed political-economic policies and the efficiencies & profit-driven practices of industrial capitalism.  Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment insurance and other social welfare programs were the result; as well as greater opportunities for Unions fighting for workers rights eventually leading to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)

Jupiter is also moving through Capricorn this year in the USA 2nd house which could at least somewhat mitigate what might be a more serious economic downturn. However, the ballooning national debt initiated by the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations will potentially tank the economy in 2021.

Where do you Fit in the Flowing Plan of the Greater Universe in 2020?                                                                                        

The following are very abridged generalized horoscope themes for Sun Signs.  A truly detailed horoscope evaluates at least 30 factors unique to your natal chart.

 If you are a Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, recent years or this year could be quite a challenging time, questioning what you are doing with your life and how you are going about it.  Are you truly honoring the deeper callings of your soul for more authentic self-expression or are you compromising your existence out of a fear-based need for security? 

If you are a Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces life may be flowing more smoothly in regards to pragmatic ambitions for employment, profession or business.  Unique opportunities may emerge for social relations.

Certain Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgos, & Pisces may have or will experience a critical time to evaluate your ideals and/or practices that facilitate a deeper spiritual consciousness and transcendence of the material world. If you are a Leo or Aquarius ride the wave of your established life direction and be prepared for challenges to your identity and material professional self-expression in 2021.

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