Seatgeek, the popular ticket app and platform, is bringing something new for game day. They have recently announced their all-new user-powered reviews and guides for NFL stadiums. Now, instead of guessing where the hotdogs, best bathrooms, or helpful exits might be, Seat Geek has crowdsourced all this data for your convenient use!

How Does Your Stadium Stack Up?

Not only is the new feature on the SeatGeek app helpful for finding your way around the stadium during an away game but each stadium is ranked on several criteria based on SeatGeek user data. The metrics include food, atmosphere, and bathrooms. Each stadium guide comes with helpful user data that will let you know where to find the best place to watch the game, get something to eat, and find your way around. The best part is that in traditional sports fashion, its competitive. Stadiums are ranked by users. Building the newest stadium in the league isn’t a guarantee of success, its all about how people actually use these massive spaces that server thousands of people.

Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

Noise, Best Seating, Fan Experience

Stadium guides have all sorts of helpful data like when to get the best deals (its December for the Denver, Broncos) and they even give travel advice. Take Mile High Stadium in Denver for example, fans recommend you take mass transit so you can experience wonderful downtown Denver and not have to deal with the parking or the crazy traffic afterward. Here in Seattle, the guide recommends your best food options at Iver’s for Fish and Chips and to make sure to arrive in time to see the raising of the 12th man flag. Seahawks fans are so loud, it creates measurable seismic activity.

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Another Reason to Use SeatGeek

SeatGeek made a name for itself allowing people to find the best seats at any given stadium for concerts and sporting events and these guides are sure to make your NFL experience the best it can be. For the expense involved in going to see your favorite team, making sure that you can get the best game-day experience possible is most essential. You can check out the new NFL stadium guides right in the app. Find out how your stadium stacks up in the ratings, add your own rating and use the helpful information to plan your next game day trip.