This weekend was a big weekend for Cardi B. She was performing  a set and at the end he rushed up on stage with a $15,000 rose flower arrangement asking her to take him back. At least she finally showed up to court last week for her recent nightclub fight. However, Offset stole the spotlight, with a little help from her assistant to present some romance to the Bodak Yellow singer. 

In the above tweet, you can also see her response video (thanks Complex!) However, it doesn’t appear that his gambit worked, she promptly kicked him off stage. 

Vox complained that it was another instance of men invading the spaces of women while they are working and looking pathetic while doing so. I guess they didn’t like his giant “Take Me Back” cake. The couple was married last year and share a daughter. Cardi B announced a divorce amid rumors that Offset, a member of the rap super-group Migos, was cheating on her. 

It looks like this is bad press for him and isn’t going to do anything for their relationship. During his on-stage invasion he said, “I just want to say I’m sorry Bruh, in person, in front of the world.” 

Sorry Bruh, Cardi B had already moved on.