Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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If you would like to partner with us, we'd love to have a conversation with you! We're looking for fresh content, fresh brands, and other fresh content that helps our readers find something interesting. If you would like to guest blog, promote your brand with great content or pitch on another idea, please get in touch. We'd love to talk! Rouges Magazine is a place to find something interesting. We've created a haven from social media with a curated selection of great content, long-form journalism and much more.

Who are we?

Rouges Magazine offers it's audience something new every day that keeps their interest. We like to deliver content the old fashioned way with great prose and erudite expertise on topics that affect all areas of our life.

We created Rouges to be a place to find something Interesting. We partner with brands who are looking for a great audience who sticks around, takes time with curated content, and is always seeking something interesting. Brands can't find a better place to access our unique reader.

Why Partner with Rouges?

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60% Men 40% Women from ages 25 - 44 read Rouges daily.

How You Can Partner

We offer affiliate advertising opportunities and native advertising opportunities.

Native Advertising

The Magic of Rouges Editorial

Let us co-create a wonderful article in our style to promote your brand, product, or offer. Whether its one article or a series, we can bring the magic of Rouges Editorial Style to your brand. We'll match your content with research, video and classic prose to help your brand grow in an exciting way.

Affiliate Offers

Affiliate Offers

We always love a great affiliate offers. Affiliate offers are a great way to put your images and text right in line with your regular editorial content. When Rouges does well, so does your brand. When our readers love our content, your brand benefits as well. Drive sales with affiliate offers.

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