The oceans are filling up with plastic. While the oceans are absolutely massive, that does not even begin to compete with the amount of plastic that we dump into the oceans every year. Plastic in the oceans eventually breaks down into very small pieces called micro-plastics. This occurs mostly by the sun’s rays. When these plastics break down they usually end up inside the oceans’ animals and inside birds. More and more oceanographic studies show that many animals get filled up with plastic and then simply die because they can’t eat.

The Great Pacific Trash Patch is about the size of Alaska. It’s filled with everything from plastic straws to disused fishing nets. The worse part is that it just floats there and breaks down leaving micro-plastics for the other animals to eat. Plastic is destroying the oceans food supply. When there aren’t enough plankton, there aren’t enough fish and without enough fish, there aren’t enough Whales and Sharks. What’s even worse for we humans is that over 1 Billion people rely on fish as a primary food source. We are linked to this food chain as well.

However, there is a small hope. there is a species of plankton that are adapting to consume plastic. This does not mean we can continue to dump plastic willy-nilly into the oceans, but these microscopic creatures may be integral to freeing our plastic-trapped oceans.