Anyone who wants to organize their digital media and access it from a variety of devices knows about Plex. The popular media platform allows you to stream your digital media wherever you have an internet connection. Previously, you had to supply all that media. Now, Plex is hosting more media and providing more media to its users. It recently announced that podcasts would be available and now music through Tidal. 

The service essentially merges your music with the popular Tidal music service and offers you a blended offering of your own files and and music from the Tidal service. Plex pass users are offered a discount for their Tidal membership to make the transition easier and encourage them to become both a Plex pass member and a member of Tidal. 

This model is also used by Google Play and Apple music. Those wanting to say outside of those eco-systems now have a viable independent option to  have the same features complete with a global search option that will present your music and Tidal offering in on list without having to search through files to find the song that you want. Plex already does this with other media that you might have so the technology should work very well.