As if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have enough drama in their lives, between their move to the country and away from Kensington Palace and rumors of an internal fued between Kate and Meghan, this came across the wires. Apparently, Prince Harry has received credible death threats from UK neo-nazi groups for “betraying his race” by marrying mixed-race Meghan Markle. 3 men have been arrested for the threats. 

It seems that no one is safe from the modern incarnations of national socialism or racial tensions. Prince Harry is the first royal to marry a mixed-race person and the British family will be forever changed as Meghan is now pregnant with their first child. Clearly, some in the UK are not ready for the kind of progress that Prince Harry is ushering into the royal family. 
The palace has not commented on the situation. 

We try not to get too serious with our celebrity coverage here at Rouges Magazine, but this threat is fairly serious. The fact that we live in a time where hate groups are threatening public figures over the race of the person they marry is simply unacceptable in 2018. While we are sure that Prince Harry is going to be just fine and very safe but the simple fact of the matter is that we need to call out hate wherever we find it, including in celebrity news.